Becoming a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Club, you will need to fill out an application and mail it to the location stated on the application. You will also need to sign the Code of Ethics form as well.

Click Here – To download the Membership Application Form

Click Here – To download the Membership Renewal Form

Click Here – to download the Code of Ethics agreement

Why join a Breed Club?

  1. To learn how to properly care for your Old English Sheepdog
  2. To enjoy the fellowship of other Old English Sheepdog owners who are interested in the conservation and betterment of their loyal and devoted breed.
  3. To listen to speakers who are knowledgeable in the breed.
  4. To learn how to show your Old English Sheepdog at a Dog Show.
  5. To become acquainted with the breed standard and to strive to adhere to that standard.

If you are now a proud owner of an Old English Sheepdog, you had to be extremely interested in Old English Sheepdogs when you bought one. Get even more enjoyment out of your Old English Sheepdog by joining the Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Club. Our club does more to promote showing the Old English Sheepdog. Through activities, we strive to help the novice as well as the more experienced breeder, along with helpful members to teach you how to groom your Old English Sheepdog.