Interested in Buying a Sheepdog Puppy?

Breeder Referral:Meme's First Litter

Carol Cooke – OESCA Breeder Referral

Old English Sheepdog Club of America

Though OES initially may appear to be ideal pets there are considerations. Here is a checklist to help you think through your decision.

  1. What age dog fits your current lifestyle – puppy or an older, already housebroken and possibly trained, dog?
  2. Do you have a fenced yard? OES need exercise daily.
  3. What are the schedules of your family? What about arrangements when you travel?
  4. Remember the large size of the OES, and the long coat (which needs to be groomed)!
  5. Are there other pets in your household, and how will they react?
  6. What about children – behaviors, schedules, allergies – in relation to the dog?
  7. Have you trained a dog before? Do you have time for training a new dog?
  8. Are you familiar with OES health care?
  9. Have you investigated all other costs associated with responsible dog ownership ( not just or potential OES owners)?
  10. Remember, you are hopefully picking a pet with whom you’ll have a long relationship!Sheepdog Puppy