Okie RescueFor local Chicagoland adoption please call Sally Carr: 847-464-4531

Sheepdog Adoption Application – Download
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All rescue dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

If you have any interest in adopting one or more of the Old English Sheepdogs, please contact one of the two people below:

Sally Carr 847-464-4531

Jeri Hoppe 815-477-0800

If no Sheepdogs are available locally you can also take a look at these websites:

Considering the Older Dog?

If you are not prepared to go through the trials and training of a baby puppy, an older puppy or even a mature dog can be a good alternative, especially for households in which the family pet may have to spend much of the day unsupervised. Old English Sheepdogs are very adaptable, and an OES of any age can become a member of the family in a very short time (about 2 minutes!). They need people and will continue to give their love and devotion to their new owners.

There are many reasons that older dogs are available but usually the circumstances change and an owner has to place a much-loved pet; an OES is lost and ends up far from home in a dog pound.

We find out all that we can about the older dog that you are considering – in order to determine if it will fit into the lifestyle and “atmosphere” of your family. The dog is usually housebroken and may know some commands.

The OES may be a bit confused when you first adopt it and require a few adjustments, but with patience, consistency and reassurance it will adapt readily to your routine.

Time must be taken to be sure that the dog knows where it is to sleep, relieve itself, where and when it will eat, and what it can and cannot do in the house. In short, it has to learn the routine it will be following and what is expected of it.

Even if the dog has has some obedience training, attending class is an excellent way to brush up on training and help the owner to understand the dog’s responses and personality more completely. Training together is fun for both you and your new friend, and it accelerates the bonding process.

It is important that ALL family members meet the dog BEFORE its adoption, and agree that THIS is the dog that they want.