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On May 12, 1968, Ralph and Lois Arrighi first put their Old English Sheepdog, Pollyanna, into the show ring. Less than a year later Pollyanna won her first major points and also hook her first Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex. Later that year she finished her championship. At one of those shows the Arrighis met Sherwin and Sharon Friedman, who also were showing Old English. The Friedmans asked the Arrighis if the would be interested in starting an Old English club. So in December of 1968 the first official meeting was held at the Friedman’s home in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The club was originally named the Tri-State OESC as members were from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. The meetings were held at the member’s homes. In 1969, Harvey Schmid was elected as the first president. On July 8 of that year the bylaws of the club were established. A monthly newsletter, The Bob Tales, was also written. Lois was the newsletter’s printer, and Charnene Silver was the editor. Sharon Friedman became the club’s first secretary. By Dec. of 1969, the club’s membership was at 52 members. Including Ralph and Lois, there has been one other person who has been a member of this club in 1969, Grace Fujikawa.

In 1970 the club’s name was officially changed to the Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Club. The Bob Tales became known as The Shaggy Rag, and other longtime members who joined in 1970, Glen and Marlene Larson, were the newsletter’s editor and publisher. Harvey Schmid was still the president, Sherwin Friedman became the vice-president, Sharon Friedman remained the secretary, and Robert Beckert was the treasurer. The directors (or delegate as they were then called) were Lois, Jerry Cudworth, and Marion Woelbing. The club also had a librarian, who was Stewart Wells. He later resigned and Ralph took his place.